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Raffles attending Biotech Out-Sourcing

June 08-09, Dr Andrew Phillis and Dr Daniel Bourgin exhibited at the Biotech Out-Sourcing (BOS) event in Basel Switzerland.

The annual meeting is a key focus for European innovative pharmaceutical community to come together around a series of talks from experts within large and small pharma companies to present on new technologies, case studies, and discuss outsourcing strategies.

In addition to sharing of case studies from major pharma companies such as Novartis, Pfizer and Roche, it is also an opportunity for smaller emerging biotech firms to present on some of their own developments, and new research.

A highlight for the event was Dr Thierry Schlama from Novartis presenting on strategic partnering within the field of bio-catalysis, which incorporated several examples of new processes delivering significant efficiency increases to accessing large quantities of compounds baring multiple chiral centers.


It was an exciting opportunity to network with the innovative pharma community within the EU.

Thanks the BOS basel team for arranging the event and look forwards to future events.

About Raffles

About BOS

BOS Basel 2022  took place at the Congress Center Basel which is one of the most modern congress centres in Switzerland. Equipped with the latest technology, it provided an excellent atmosphere for conferences and exhibitions. The Congress Center is located directly alongside Messe Basel in the heart of the city.  BOS Basel 2022 covered Discovery Outsourcing, Small Molecule CMC Outsourcing and Biologics CMC Outsourcing.